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Sport at English Martyrs


Physical activity is a very important part of our school day. PE gives children the opportunity to be active every single day. It is suggested that children should achieve 60 minutes of exercise a day; in order to attract children to being physically active in our school we offer an array of different activities and sports to appeal to everyone.


Why is Physical Activity so important at school?

Not only does exercise improve a child’s overall health and fitness it helps to improve their mental health and cognitive development as well, by doing physical exercise, children are more likely to concentrate and maintain focus in lessons. As well as strengthening muscle and bones, exercise builds confidence, inspires positivity and improves social skills. We offer a variety of lunchtime and afterschool clubs, which allow children the opportunity to learn new skills and participate in school competitions. A list of our clubs can be found on our website.


We at English Martyrs believe physical education benefits children in many ways and will set them up for a healthy and active future.


Sports Achievements...

So far this autumn term we have had some very successful results in school competitions. Our Year 6 Boys won the Worthing CV Football League after winning all nine games because of this we were then invited to play in the Regional Finals, we played four games and went through to the finals with a 100% record. The Final game ended 0.0 and therefore went to penalty's which we won!! We are now through to the County Finals in Kent which will be played in the New Year.  


Our Year 6 girls reached the netball league finals and finished in third place out of sixteen schools, they also came third out of nine schools competing in a football tournament at St Andrews. 


Year 5 recently played in a Benchball Competition and came second. Years 1 and 2 have been training very hard for the past six weeks and recently competed in a Gymnastics Competition to come first out of ten schools.


We as a school could not be prouder of what the children have achieved so far.


We also recently had a visit from Sid the shark, Sussex County Cricket Club’s mascot. Sid kindly offered to open our new play equipment to the children at the school. To read more about this please click on the link below.


It has been a very rewarding term so far and we look forward to continuing the success.



Below is some more information on the sporting fixtures still yet to come this year.


11th: Year 6 Football Tournament at Worthing Football Club



15th: Year 4 Football League Starts at Worthing Football Club


16th: Year 5 Indoor Football Festival at Chatsmore High School.


22nd: Year 3 Football League Starts at Worthing Football Club


24th: Year 6 Basketball

(Location & Times yet to be Confirmed)