The aim of the Governors at our school is to work with the staff in helping the children achieve their full potential in a happy, caring environment.
We do this in four main ways:

  • Planning ahead and monitoring the performance and progress of our children so that our school continues to improve.
  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.
    The Headteacher of the school is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and for operational matters.

Update from the Governing Body 2017/18

Whole School – Update from Governing Body – Summer 2018

End of Year Report 2016/17

Governor’s End of Year Report 2016-17

Results of Parental Survey November 16

In November 2016, we conducted a parent survey to find out about parents’ perceptions of our school. These have been analysed, and we are very pleased to report that the feedback has been extremely positive across all Key Stages.  What really stands out is our exceptional standards of pastoral support – overwhelmingly our children feel safe at English Martyrs and are well looked after.  We would like to thank the parents for providing us with feedback, and also all staff for their continual hard work in fulfilling our Mission Statement through supporting and nurturing the children.

Please note on the pie charts, the section marked ‘spoilt answer’ reflects those answers where the intention was not clear – e.g., where a parent responded with a cross which could have indicated either yes or no.

Parental Survey Results November 16

Governor Roles

To deliver this effectively the Governors are representative of all the key groups involved in our school – the parents, the staff, the Local Authority and the church community. All of these people have the best interests of the school at heart and give a great deal of time in support of English Martyrs School.

List of Governors 2017 – 2018


Foundation Governor

Although all of the governors have the responsibility to promote and maintain the school’s Catholic character and mission, the foundation governors have special responsibility in this area. The CES document ‘Governing a Catholic School’ (1998) gives this summary of their role.
‘Foundation governors are appointed by the Bishop specifically to ensure:

  • that the religious character of the school is preserved;
  • that the school is conducted in accordance with its trust deed (ie the diocesan trust deed);
  • that the religious education curriculum is in accordance with the bishop’s policy for his diocese, based on the Bishops’ Conference Curriculum Directory.’

Foundation governors have additional legal duties which are:

  • employing teachers, ‘whenever possible, they should appoint Catholic teachers in order to promote and maintain the Catholic ethos of the school.’ They must appoint practising Catholics to the posts of Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Coordinator or Head of Religious Education.
  • admitting children ‘first and foremost on religious grounds’, by giving priority for admission to baptised Catholic children.
  • ensuring that the whole curriculum, including religious education, ‘is taught in the light of gospel values and actively promotes the spiritual and moral development of the pupils’.

Parent Governor

Parent governors have a child who attends the school and are elected by other parents of pupils at the school.

  • have equal rights and status with all other governors.
  • take part in all aspects of the work of the governing body unless they have a personal interest.
  • should try to represent the views of most parents where they can but they are a representative not a delegate.

Parents should always refer comments or complaints about the school to the Headteacher and not to the parent governor directly.

Link Governor

The Link Governor is usually recommended by the Local Authority but is not a representative of the Local Authority but must act in the best interests of the school and wider community and cannot be mandated to take a particular stance on issues. But is there to:

  • help the governing body identify its training needs
  • encourage governors to attend training courses and report back to the governing body
  • provide relevant information to the governing body about training
  • become a training and development link between the governing body and the local authority
  • encourage governors to become involved in the work of the governing body and the school.

Staff Governor

Staff Governors are elected by the staff at the school and can come from any member of staff employed by the school.
Although elected, staff governors are not obliged to express any views apart from their own. However, they should report in good faith any widely held staff views, even if, in a vote, they decide to vote differently.
Staff governors play a central role in helping the Full Governing Body understand the workings of the school. Their expertise can be utilised to:

  • help draft school policies
  • interpret and present data
  • develop strategies to improve parental and wider community engagement
  • help all governors understand the curriculum and how governing body decisions make a difference to the school

We meet together once a month during term time as a whole team, and sub committees such as the Policy and Finance Committee meet regularly. In addition we each have a specialist area that we take particular interest in (eg. R.E., Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Special Needs). Additionally each governor is assigned to a class, for which they have a special interest.

Overall we share a common commitment to delivering the best possible education and nurturing environment in which the children can learn and grow.

We are always keen to hear your views and hope that we can work together to ensure English Martyrs continues to be the good school that it is today. Please contact the Clerk to the Governors at:

Governing Body