Year 5

Year 5 have had a wonderful start to the year! We welcomed Jack back into the class and 3 weeks into Year 5 we were off on residential. We went to Arundel and had a wonderful time! Here are just a few of our 800+ pictures we took!!!

Our first topic was time traveller, we looked at how people change throughout their lives, Mrs Clark visited with her baby and told us about how life had changed for her and her family. We loved grandparents afternoon too. We looked at our files from Early Years, we had a good laugh looking at all of our pictures from when we were 4 and 5 years old…we picked out 1 picture each and recreated that very scene…here are some of the outcomes…

Our main project was making clocks, we had to look at a range of designs, design our own, saw them out of wood, decorate them, put on numbers, varnish them and finally add the hands! Here are some pictures of the process!

Our next topic was Stargazer…all about space! We have learnt so much already and we have loved writing Myths & Legends about the moon. We went on a school trip with Year 1 to the Science Observatory in Herstmenceux … here are some pictures from our great day out!

As part of Literacy and PSHE we have been looking at what we need to survive on Earth, we looked at what other planets would ‘offer’ us and whether we would be able to survive. We designed 5 new planets and thought about what you would need to survive there, taking into consideration temperature, access to water, terrain etc…here are some of the aliens we created for various planets…

As well as our main topics we have done a lot in RE, Literacy, Art and Maths, here are just a few pictures to show you a little more about our learning in Year 5. Enjoy!