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School Council

At the start of this academic year each year group votes for who they would like to represent their year group in the School Council.
Well done to the following children who will be the pupil voice for 2016/2017.

Year 5 and Year 6 children take the minutes in our school council meetings. They write down what we speak about, what plans we have, how we propose to achieve them and who has something to do before our next meeting.

This year, we have visited ‘The Houses of Parliament’ in London, which was an incredible experience and helped us to plan for our ‘Democracy week’ in school. For ‘Democracy week’, it was the school council’s role to promote the process of democracy by: creating an idea to make our school better by listening to the school’s public opinion, forming a ‘party’, campaigning for that ‘party’, writing and presenting a ‘manifesto’ to an audience, and then finally voting in a polling station. We had our local MP, Sir Peter Bottomley announce the results of the vote in assembly.

We are currently still in the process of linking with a school in another country, which the previous school council began. This will continue through into the next elected school council. We also took the results of the questionnaire from the previous school council and acted on them. For example, each classroom now has a role play area, which has benefited our guided reading lessons hugely. We also carried out another survey regarding how the KS2 outdoor space should be used, and fed the results back to Mr McGinley. We will finish off our year by taking part, and helping to organise our school’s Summer Fair.



Well done to the children who put themselves forward and were selected to represent the Eco council for 2017/2018 (see photos above).

Click here for our latest Action Plan.

Eco Council at the Eco Summit 2017


Eco Council at Tescos