We are a Solar School!

A – Attitude

C – Creativity

R – Relationships

O – Organisation

‘Solar School is a fictitious school set in space and has been created to introduce pupils to entrepreneurial learning skills using and expanding the ACRO framework (created by the Welsh Assembly Government). Children engage with the colourful Solar School characters and learn how to identify and develop their own learning skills


This is the tables of skills which we cover throughout:


Where is this happening?

We have started using this fun and educational scheme as part of our PSHE at English Martyrs. So far EYFS KS1 and lower KS2 have started using these skills in class…this is what they have to say:


Early Years ACRO displayIn Early Years we begin the ACRO programme by introducing the children to ‘Heroes’, who show the sorts of learning behaviors we would like to nurture. For example, our hero ‘Frisbee’ is fantastic at listening and communicating, remembering his manners and to look at the person who is talking. The children really enjoy being introduced to the characters, and if they are spotted showing that behavior in their own learning, they can be added to that hero’s ‘team’.


Year 1:

Year 1 ACRO display“We give out alien teddies to people who show good relationships, are creative, are organized and have a good attitude!” – Robyn

“They look like aliens but they are really helpful – they help us be good in class.” – Herbie

“If we get chosen we get to hold them and look after them” – Katie

“They are really good and we keep them safe” – Lauren

“We keep them in our carpet space to show people we have good attitude, good relationships, good organization or good creativity” – Izzy

Year 2:

In Year 2 we focus on the four area- Attitude, Creativity, Relationships and Organisation. We get given one of our ACRO teddies to look after we have shown the skills related to one of the areas.
‘It is if you have done really good work you can get a teddy.’ Eoin
‘If something is hard you try your best.’ Mya
‘You need to show good listening and good attitude.’ Ethan
‘For the relationships one you have to be really kind to others.’ Eloise

‘You need to be kind and helpful to people.’ Eleanor
‘You can manage difficulties.’ Emily
‘To get the organisation teddy you need to be very organised, so you can use a checklist for example.’ Elliot
‘For the creativity teddy you could make something really good.’ Logan B
‘You could write a creative story.’ Jasmine
‘You can draw a plan and then make it.’ Ciaran
‘You can paint or draw a picture.’ Abigail

Year 3:

Year 3 ACRO display“In year 3 we can get leaves for showing good attitude, relationships, creativity and organization” – Max

“Miss Messina and Ms Murrell give out the leaves. We can ask the teacher if someone else in the class can get a leaf if we have spotted them showing one of the ACRO learning skills” – RP

“We have 4 teddies and each one is for a different section of our ACRO display – We have Attitude Archie, Creative Colin, Relationship Ronaldo and Organised Oscar! We get to look after them if we do well in one of the sections!” – Gabriel


are introduced to a wider range of skills and characters as they move into KS2. We have an ACRO tree and children are selected weekly when they show a skill used they receive a leaf with their name on to add to the ACRO tree.

Year 4:

Year 4 ACRO display“We earn pompoms for each of the learning values.” – Isobel N

“We have a different alien for each section and they are the same colours as our ACRO skills.” – Isabelle C

“The pompoms and colours are for different skills we show in class – relationships, organisation, attitude and creativity.” – Elizabeth

“I enjoy earning pompoms it means what I am doing well gets noticed.” – Ellis


We believe that this encourages children to consider the fundamental skills needed to learn and develop both personally and academically during their school life. With the help of ACRO and Solar School we are able to provide a way for children to access these skills and develop them in class progressively during their 7 years at English Martyrs.

What next?

In September 2016 we hope to have ACRO running across the school. We are currently developing a way to present and record individual targets and achievements for pupils in Year 5 and 6 so they leave us with a wealth of skills and the ability to explain how these skills are applied and transferred.

If you want to read more about Solar Schools and the ACRO family visit this website: