Statutory Requirements

By law, schools are required to provide the following information on their websites:

  1. Contact details; name, postal address and telephone number of the school and to whom enquiries should be addressed. See our Contact Information page.
  2. Admission arrangements for each age group. See our Admissions page.
  3. Link to the school’s OFSTED report. See our Ofsted page.
  4. How are we doing? 2017 results in KS2 – Click here
  5. Link to the schools performance tables on the DfE website – Click here
  6. The school behaviour policy – Click here
  7. Pupil Premium Strategy and use and impact on attainment – ‘Pupil Premium Report 2015 – 2016’ and ‘Pupil Premium Report 2016 – 2017’  and Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017-2018
  8. SEND documents – Click here
  9. Charging and remissions policy – Click here
  10. School’s ethos and values – See our Vision & Mission page
  11. Sports Funding Grant – Click here
  12. English Martyrs Catholic Primary School’s Curriculum Statement – Click here