Achievements & Events

Children’s Parade 2016

‘Hear, Hear’ for Democracy Week

Earlier this month we held several special events and assemblies on the theme of ‘Democracy’. As part of this week, the School Council formed ‘parties’ to campaign for one change the children wanted to make to the school. Mr McGinley committed to making that change happen – whatever the outcome!! The children learned and gained so much from the week, and now have a much better understanding of how a parliamentary democracy works in practice. At the end of the week, we were visited by our local MP Sir Peter Bottomley, who fielded questions from the children – and, my, don’t we have a few budding Jeremy Paxmans in our midst! As for the outcome… despite a predicted landslide for the largest party, the Yellows, with their manifesto of ‘one ipad per child’, it was the Green Party who took the vote in a surprise last minute surge. Congratulations to the Green Party led by Ethan Clarke and Eloise Jarman of Year 2 – your shrewd campaigning (helped by a certain ‘spin-doctor’ from Year 6) won the day. Their executive order is that there should be more regular ‘dress-down days’, and we have decided that the last Thursday of each half-term will be a Mufti-Day. All the children need to bring to school on the ‘Dress-down Thursday’ is a book they have enjoyed reading to share with their friends. This is something we have previously tried to get up and running but it proved tricky to remember – hopefully the thought of wearing their own clothes will help get the children digging through their bookshelves!!! A reminder letter will be sent before the first ‘Dress-down Thursday’ on the 14th July.

Year of Mercy Dance EventYear of Mercy Dance Event

Several children from Key Stage 2 were invited to take part in a Dance event at St Wilfrid’s in Angmering, with representatives from all our Deanery Primary Schools. This was part of our Year of Mercy celebrations, and the dances were choreographed to represent the different corporal acts of Mercy. Parents of the dancers, Mr McGinley, and Miss Bengtson-Gear were lucky enough to see the final performances, which were beautiful and thought-provoking. A huge well done to everyone involved!

International Arts Week- Animal Parade

In our International Arts week, we looked at the continents in our world and each class focused on one continent and they then took one country per class to focus on.

  • Early Years – Antarctica
  • Year 1 – Australasia – Australia
  • Year 2 – Africa – Kenya
  • Year 3 – South America – Columbia
  • Year 4 – North America – USA
  • Year 5 – Asia – One country each
  • Year 6 – Europe – Romania

We worked with an artist to create animals based on a key animals and patterns from their country. We then held an Animal Parade at the end of the week.

Innovation week

Children had the opportunity to:

  • Think about the future and what this might look like – on both a personal and wider level,
  • Open up wider options for children’s future and extend their ambition for their life,
  • Develop an understanding of the significant changes and advances made throughout time, including during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages,
  • Develop a sense of chronology,
  • To experiment, design and trial designs
  • Explore E-Safety and implications of technology/innovation,
  • Ensure children are clear on e-safety.

Each class looked at innovations over time and created a timeline:

  • EY – Fashion and clothes
  • Y1 – Homes and architecture
  • Y2 – Farming
  • Y3 – Food; Eating and Cooking
  • Y4 – Transport
  • Y5 – Games and Leisure
  • Y6 – Controversial Inventions
  • Music innovations (KS2)

Children in Year 3, 4 and 6 worked with an actor to look at: ‘Ages Ago’ for Y4, PSHE Workshop for Y6 and : ‘Click Safe’ for Y3. Then they presented their learning to the rest of the school each day. We also shared our learning with each other in our final assembly.

Our Career Day

During Innovation Week we held a career fair. We had a professional Sportsman (basketball) Detectives and Police, Nurses, a Publisher, an Author, a Structural engineer, a Florist, a French teacher and volunteer services.
This gave children an opportunity to handle, listen and ask questions about these jobs and look at their future possibilities in life.