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As it’s a new year our school in association with Southern Area Sport are challenging you to do 20 DAYS of exercise for at least 21 MINUTES A DAY #2021, its simple:


CHOOSE YOUR EXERCISE (This could be Running, Cycling, Yoga, Walking, Fitness or specific sports exercises / activities).

CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION (This can be inside or outside however remain safe). 

PARTICIPATE FOR 21 MINUTES each day (This can be done in split parts if you want too). 

RECORD Your Daily Exercises


ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS EXERCISE 20 DAYS within January for 21 Minutes a day and record your exercise in the record sheet BELOW!


Once you have done your #20/21 Share your efforts with your teachers and lets see how active we can be? #STAYACTIVE #GETINVOLVED

Download the active calendar below to keep track of your exercises and games.


From the 18th January there will be a focus for the week, click on the week to find a number of games the children can participate in at home, this will be continuing throughout February so please check the website weekly for a different focus and selection of games to try.