English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ

Developing our Vision

What is our Vision? What are our Values?


Welcome to   Developing our Vision for English Martyrs


One of the core functions of the Governing Body is

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

We have recognised that this is not always clearly articulated or visible to our school community so we have decided that this needs to be addressed. 


What are our goals?

  • We will develop a Vision for our school that is clearly articulated and understood.
  • We will agree a set of values that will be visible in everyday life of the school
  • We will have a strategic plan that states what we need in order to achieve our vision

How are we doing this?

We will work in collaboration with all our stakeholders – staff, pupils, parents and parishioners.


We are following a recognised process that guides our thinking and ensures collaboration, engagement, communication and execution.


What have we done so far?


  Deciding our values……

We have started by looking at what values are important to us and why.  Governors and staff have worked together to agree a shortlist of Values that we have now shared with the Pupils.  These are:

Respect, Belief, Community, Inspire, Nuture, Ambition and Resilience.

Pupils in all year groups have worked with these values to understand what they mean to them and what they consider to be most important.  Once we have completed the Pupil review, we will be sharing these with you.

Our aim is to agree a set of values that we as a school community can relate to and work with.


What’s next?

Once we have our agreed values we will start looking at what our ‘Vision’ is. 


If you would like to get more involved then please contact