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Home Learning Task: Summer 1 (Due 21st May)


Please choose one of the following options:


1) Keep a plant diary explaining how you grew a plant. Include photographs or drawings of each stage of the plants development.


2) Make your own weird and wonderful plant book including examples of amazing plants you have found out from internet research, information books from the library, or even a visit to a garden centre. Can you amaze us with facts about your chosen plant?


3) Paint and draw flowers. Find pictures of famous flower paintings to inspire you, or find inspiration in your garden, local park, etc. You could try using different media such as watercolours, pencil sketching or even collage.


Take home tasks are due in school by 21st May


We look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you have created!

Home learning task: Spring 2

This term’s take home task will be for the children to research Tudor houses at the time of the Great Fire of London.  Once they have researched, it would be good if the children could then build their own Tudor house—junk modelling or cardboard is absolutely fine!  This will mean we can create our own miniature Pudding Lane out on the playground, to see how the streets would have looked during September 1666.

This is due on Monday 1st April 2019


Information about Home Learning in Year 2




The children are expected to read every day. This could be them reading to an adult, an adult reading to them or a shared read between themselves and anybody at home.
The children change their reading books once a week when they are read with 1:1 at school, but if needed the children can change their books at any time.
It is important that any reads the children complete are written into their reading record as this helps us and you keep a count of how many reads they have and award the children for this with their reading certificates.
Bronze Award - 50 reads
Silver Award - 100 reads
Gold Award - 150 reads
Platinum Award - 200 reads.
Reading does not have to be from their books they bring home from school. They could have a magazine that they enjoy reading or work alongside an adult in the kitchen and read the recipe - it all counts as reading!

Comprehension is a big part of the reading in Year 2. Please find in the attachments some questions which you can ask your child to support with their comprehension and understanding.

Here are two links which could also be helpful for your child to practice their phonics skills at home:



Questions for reading


Every other Friday the children are set a Maths challenge in their homework books. This is then due back in on the Thursday before they are due their new homework.
The children are provided with an activity based on the unit we are working on in school, and a challenge activity which may be more challenging or have an 'open ended' feel to it.
The children are to complete this and then return it to school.
This can be handed in before the date due and given to a member of the year 2 staff.

Here are some links to fun and interactive Maths games for children to also have a go at: (American)



On a Monday the children will be given a new set of 10 spelling words.
These are in line with the spelling pattern the children are learning during SPAG lessons that week.
The children are not formally tested on these words, but they are used during the lessons throughout the week through games, activities and writing sessions.
You will find that at the bottom of these words there is an activity to go alongside these words, this may include a game, a writing activity or a handwriting sheet.
These are provided for practice purposes and do not need to be returned to school.
As new spellings are set on a Monday it is important for the children to have their spelling books in school every Monday morning, as well as bringing them daily to refer to during lesson time.



Starting this half term we will also give the children an opportunity to take part in some open ended writing at home.
We have covered letter writing, diary entries, narrative writing, non fiction fact files and poetry.
In the attachments you will find some writing stimuli for the children to use to write in whichever way they wish to.
You may want to print out the picture/starting line and put this into their book.
If you would like your child to have the opportunity to write in this way at home then please do let us know and we can provide you with an exercise book to keep this in. These can then be handed in at the end of each half term for the children to share and discuss with their peers and adults.

Writing Homework