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Winter Games - How it works

Get ready for... The Winter Games!



How Does It Work?

At 9.30 every Monday throughout February, 4 new winter sports challenges will be released on, on social media, and sent directly to those signed up to the mailing list. Participants have until midday every Friday to submit their scores, and leaderboards will be published later that day.

These challenges can be completed from the comfort of your living room, kitchen or garden, or at school. You won’t need any special equipment, and whether you’re competing on your own or your whole school is taking part, anyone can get involved.

Scores for each challenge will be submitted online, and will contribute towards the school’s average score, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a big school or small school.

Children representing the winning schools will be awarded with, much-coveted, Specsavers Sussex School Games medals, as well as earning points for the overall leaderboards.

In addition to the leaderboards, schools can also win Spirit of the Games awards for getting the most participants involved in each sport. And we also have some special prizes to give out on social media each week to those who are training hard and embracing the School Games values.

And it doesn’t stop there. As well as crowning separate Primary and Secondary school champions, we also have trophies in the ‘Active Adults’ category, meaning that big kids (teachers, parents, carers and family-members) can all get involved and represent the school too.

Get Involved

It all kicks off at 9.30am on Monday 1 February with the launch of the first winter sport on social media and via email.

Anybody can take part, and whilst there is no ‘official’ sign-up required, we would encourage you to sign-up to the mailing list to get updates, challenges and results sent to you directly, and also to follow on social media to help spread the word.

Twitter: @SussexSchGames

Facebook: Specsavers Sussex School Games

Instagram: @SussexSchGames

Scoring updates from 2020

Those who took part in the Specsavers ‘Virtual’ Sussex School Games in the summer of 2020, will notice some updates to the way the scoring system works.

Firstly, participants will be awarded points for every challenge, based on their ranking against other participants. If you are in the top 5% you will score 100 points, 6-10% will score 98 points, 11-15% will score 96 points etc. This will help to balance the scoring across challenges, and stops one single challenge having an extreme weighting.

Secondly, helping to create a fairer scoring system, every school will be given a zero scorer for each challenge. This will mean that extreme scores will have less of an effect on the overall leaderboard.


There are lots of ways to win with the Specsavers ‘Virtual’ Sussex School Games: The Winter Games. We have overall leaderboards for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Active Adults running throughout February, as well as weekly leaderboards for each individual sport.

In addition, there is also the overall School Games Area leaderboard, so as well as representing your school, you’ll be representing your local area team.


Spirit of the Games

Ultimately, the objective of the The Winter Games is to keep as many children as possible active during this period, and to help them benefit from the physical, mental and social positives that representing your school team can bring.

We need the help of schools and parents to get as many children engaged as possible, and will be awarding special ‘Spirit of the Games’ awards to the schools who are getting the most people up and active.


Training Prizes

Practice makes perfect, so participants are encouraged to train and improve each week to be the best that they can be.

As a bit of extra-motivation, each Monday we’ll be setting a new training challenge alongside the sporting competition, with the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher as a prize.

Participants simply need to upload their training videos and pictures to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and include the hashtag #SussexSchGames, and a weekly winner will be selected at random. These can be posted from a parent’s or school’s account.

Note: Please ensure that you are following the rules when it comes to age restrictions on social media.

Children Without Internet Access

Not all children have access to the internet, so there will be a printable pack available for each sport which teachers/carers can pass on. There will be a hardcopy of a scorecard in these packs to record scores, which can be transferred to the online form by somebody with internet access before the 12pm Friday deadline.

Good Luck!

We wish everybody taking part the best of luck, and hope that you have tons of fun doing so.

Stay safe, 

The Specsavers Sussex School Games Local Organising Committee