English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ

Week 1- HOCKEY



This weeks sport is HOCKEY. There are four challenges to complete, don't forget to upload your best scores by midday 12pm, on Friday 1st of May at


Good Luck!


Challenge 1: Hockey Switch

Count each time the ball changes direction. Dragging to the left is one, back to the right is two, and so on. How many can you do in 30 seconds?


Challenge 2: Hockey Dribble Shuttle

Count every length successfully completed, so every time that you change direction. How many lengths can you complete in 30 seconds?


Challenge 3: Pair Push Passing

Count every successful pass made by you AND your partner. How many passes in a row can you do without touching the cones in 1 minute? If you hit a cone or miss the gate, you have to start again!


Challenge 4: Hockey Agility Run

1 agility run includes moving to all 3 cones and back to the central cone. How many agility runs can you do in 30 seconds?