English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ

Week 2- TENNIS



This weeks sport is TENNIS. There are four challenges to complete, don't forget to upload your best scores by midday 12pm, on Friday 8th of May at


Good Luck!


Challenge 1: Volley Rally

Standing 2 or 3 metres away from a partner, get the longest volleyed rally you can in 5 minutes. Every returned volley equals a point.


Challenge 2: Double Catch

With a partner standing at least 2 metres away, each throw a tennis ball to each other, at the same time. This will test your coordination and reaction speed. 1 point for every time both people catch the balls.

How many can you do in 1 minute?


Challenge 3: Forehand Dropshot

Place an A4 piece of paper (or something of that size) on the ground, 5 metres in front of you.

With an underarm, forehand dropshot, see how many times you can hit the paper target in 5 minutes. Every time you hit the paper target from 5 metres, you get 1 point.


Challenge 4: Fan Footwork Drill

Record your quickest time to the nearest whole second.