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Primary School

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This weeks sport is FOOTBALL. There are four challenges to complete, don't forget to upload your best scores by midday 12pm, on Friday 15th of May at


Good Luck!


Challenge 1: Speed Dribble Shuttle

Place 2 cones 5 metres apart. Dribble the ball around each cone.

How many shuttles can you do in 1 minute?


Challenge 2: Through the gate

Place 5 cones in a straight line, approximately 1 metre from each other (4 metres in total). Dribble the ball, weaving in and out of the cones as quickly as possible.

How many full lengths can you do in 1 minute?


Challenge 3: Pair Passing

Stand 3 metres from a partner. Pass the ball along the ground between you, counting each successful pass made. You must take 2 touches. 1 to control the ball, 1 to pass the ball.

How many successful passes can you make in 30 seconds?


Challenge 4: Hit the target

Record your quickest time to the nearest whole second.