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This weeks sport is GYM & FITNESS. There are four challenges to complete, don't forget to upload your best scores by midday 12pm, on Friday 22nd of May at


Good Luck!


Challenge 1: Wall Sit

Stand with your back flat against a wall, bend your knees and slide down the wall until your knees are at a 90 degree angle, as if you are sat on an invisible chair. How long can you hold this position?

1 Point for each full 5 seconds held.


Challenge 2: Stork Stand

Remove your shoes and place hands on your hips. Standing on one leg, position the non-supporting foot against the inside knee of the supporting leg. Raise your heel to balance on the ball of your foot.

How long can you hold this balance for?

Record your longest time to the nearest whole second.


Challenge 3: Dish & Dome

This is a test of core strength and skill repetition.

Lie flat on the floor on your back, with your legs and arms stretched out (arms above your head), raise your arms and legs around 30cm off the floor so that you are in a 'dish' balance.

Twist to one side so that you roll over onto your stomach, keeping your arms and legs 30cm from the floor at all times. This is one transition.

Now reverse the movement so that you rol; from your stomach onto your back, still keeping your arms and legs off the floor. This is your second transition.

Repeat these movements as many times as you can.

How many transitions can you do in 30 seconds?


Challenge 4: Around the World

To set up the challenge, you will need 6 toilet rolls, small cones, or objects of a similar size. Set up the challenge in a hexagon shape. To determine the distances, go through the steps of the challenge below ensuring that you can only just reach each object with a straightened leg and pointed toe, without losing balance.

Stand in the middle of the hexagon facing forwards. Place your hands on your hips, raise one leg, straighten it and point your toes to touch the object in front of you.

Repeat this, touching all 6 objects in the hexagon in turn. You must always stay facing forwards and must not put your non-standing foot on the floor.

Once you have successfully touched all 6 objects (a circuit), repeat standing on the other leg. Continue this pattern until you have run out of time.

How many circuits can you complete in 60 seconds?