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This weeks sport is NETBALL & BASKETBALL. There are four challenges to complete, don't forget to upload your best scores by midday 12pm, on Friday 5th of June at


Good Luck!


Challenge 1: Netball Star

Set up 5 cones. The outside cones should be 2 metres from the middle cone. You will also need a partner to feed you the ball, who should stand 4 metres from the middle cone, to one side. Your partner will not move. Run from the middle cone to each of the outside cones in turn, collecting a pass from your partner and returning the ball with a chest pass or shoulder pass. Then return to the middle cone. You should always be facing your partner, moving forwards, backwards and side to side. You should try and land on your outside foot (the foot furthest from the middle cone). Once you have completed a pass from each cone, and returned to the middle cone, you have completed 1 full star.

How many full star circuits can you complete in 60 seconds?


Challenge 2: Netball Pivot

Place 2 cones, 2 metres apart. Starting at the first cone, run to the second cone, jumping and landing. Perform a netball pivot on one foot, making sure that you don't lift this foot, to face back towards the first cone. Repeat this, moving back and forth between the two cones, jumping, landing and pivoting each time.

How many pivot landings can you do in 60 seconds?


Challenge 3: Basketball Target Throw

Place a cone on the ground at your feet (starting cone), and 3 target cones in front of you; 2 metres from you, 3 metres from you and 4 metres from you. Throw a ball from your starting cone, trying to hit your target cones.

2 metre cone = 1 point

3 metre cone = 2 points

4 metre cone = 3 points

How many points can you you score in 60 seconds?

You must use a single ball, so your speed to retrieve the ball and get back to the starting cone will influence your score.


Challenge 4: Basketball Dribbling

Place 2 cones 4 metres apart. Bouncing the ball with only one hand at a time, dribble around each cone. 1 dribble is completed by dribbling from the starting cone to the second one and back.

How many dribbles can you complete in 60 seconds?