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This weeks sport is ATHLETICS. There are four challenges to complete, don't forget to upload your best scores by midday 12pm, on Friday 12th of June at


Good Luck!


Challenge 1: Speed Bounce

Roll up a towel to create a wedge, and stand on one side.

Jump side to side, over the towel, making sure that both feet land on the other side to count. Repeat this, jumping back and forth.

How many jumps can you do in 30 seconds?


Challenge 2: Agility Shuttles

You will need 5 pairs of rolled up socks in a pile at a starting marker. Place an A4 piece of paper (or something of an equivalent size) as a target, 5 metres from the starting marker.

You will need to take each pair of socks, one at a time, from the pile and place it on the target. After placing your final pair of socks on the target, you will need to sprint past your starting marker to complete the challenge. Your socks must stay on target to count.

How quickly can you place all of the items on the target?


Challenge 3: Standing Long Jump

Stand behind a take-off line, such as a skipping rope or the edge of a patio. From a still, standing position, take off on 2 feet, jumping as far as you can before landing on both feet.

How far can you jump?


Challenge 4: Mini-Marathon

With restrictions being eased, this challenge will cover a longer distance to test stamina and endurance. Plot a 1km route. This could be a 50 metre circuit which will complete 20 laps of, a 100 metre distance between two lamp posts which you will complete 10 lengths of, or you could plot a route using a GPS tracker, app or website. 1km is approximately 1350 steps when walking.

Please ensure that you are accompanied by a parent, carer or teacher, and that safe social distancing is maintained.

How quickly can you run or walk 1km? Please record your time in seconds, to the nearest whole second.