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Primary School

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Week 7- BOCCIA



This weeks sport is BOCCIA. There are four challenges to complete, don't forget to upload your best scores by midday 12pm, on Friday 19th of June at


Good Luck!


Challenge 1: Moving Target

Set up a chair and 5 cones all in a straight line. The chair should be 1m away from the first cone and the cones should have a 50cm gap between them.

You will need 10 pairs of rolled up socks, tennis balls or similar. These will be your boccia balls. Whilst seated, throw your first ball, underarm, at the nearest target. If you miss the target try and hit the first target again with your second ball. Once you've hit the target, throw your next ball at the next nearest target. You can only move on to the next target once you have successfully hit the previous target. Your score is based on the furthest target which you manage to hit within 10 shots. You do not need to add your points together.

If you manage to only hit the nearest target during your 10 shots, then you get 5 points.

If you mange to hit the second nearest target during your 10 shots, you get 10 points.

The third nearest target is worth 15 points.

The fourth nearest target is worth 20 points

The furthest target is worth 25 points.

Maximum score: 25 points.


Challenge 2: Wall Ball

Place an A4 piece of paper on the floor, 50cm away from the wall, and a marker 2.5 metres away from the wall. Using a rolled up pair of socks as a boccia ball, stand or sit at the marker. You are aiming to bounce your 'boccia ball' off of the wall to hit the paper target. You must only use the one 'boccia ball', so will need to retrieve it between throws. You must throw underarm.

How many times can you hit the paper target in 60 seconds?


Challenge 3: Under Pressure

Place 2 pieces of A4 paper on the ground, 3 metres apart. Standing at the first piece of paper, and using a rolled up pair of socks as a boccia ball, throw your ball underarm and try to land it on the other paper target. Run to retrieve the ball and whilst standing at the second paper target, throw the ball back at the first paper target. It can bounce first, roll onto the target, or roll off of the target.

How many times can you hit the paper target in 60 seconds?


Challenge 4: Tactics Alley

This challenge will require you to think tactically, as well as testing your accuracy. You will need 3 boccia balls (rolled up pairs of socks), and 5 target pins (bottles, deodorant cans etc). Place your balls in a pile, and your 5 target pins a minimum of 3 metres away. The formation of your target pins is up to you, and you are encouraged to think tactically about the best set up for you. The target pins must not be touching each other and can be adjusted between shots. Throw each boccia ball in turn, trying to knock down your target pins. You have 3 shots to knock down as many target pins as you can.

Each target pin that you successfully knock down is worth 5 points.

If you knock down all 5 target pins with your first shot, then you are awarded 10 bonus points, on top of the 25 points earned for knocking down 5 pins (35 points in total).

How many points can you get?

Maximum Score: 35 points.