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Home learning task: Spring 2

The home learning task for this half term is to either

 - make a miniature home for fairies, pixies or woodland creatures from natural materials such as bark, pebbles, twigs, leaves and pine cones or

 - go on a woodland walk with your family and take or draw pictures of either task to share with your class.

Due: Monday 1st April.

Y1 - Spring Term 2 Homework 


This half term we will be changing the format of our homework. The children will still be encouraged to read each day at home with you as well as receiving weekly spellings and Fred Time books. Regularly practising decoding, spelling and comprehension skills plays a vital part in supporting our English work in school. However, we will no longer be setting Maths homework each week. If you would like to support your child in their Maths learning at home, please refer to the Year 1 Topic Web for the skills we will be learning at school, and we have also selected some fantastic Maths websites listed below.


Spelling Homework 


Each week we will give out a list of spelling and reading words, and will check to see if your child can read and spell these words independently. If your child can read and spell a word it will be highlighted. Your child will work on the same list of words until they can read and spell each word, they will then move onto the next list.


If your child is finding reading or spelling a particular word difficult, we may move them onto the next list but will keep checking any words that have not been highlighted. Completing the lists is not a race and we want to make sure your child can securely read and spell these words independently. Some lists your child may find easier than others. If you find your child can read and spell some words with ease, practice using them in sentences, verbally first then written, to check your child’s understanding and use of the word. Use this practice time to think about the cursive handwriting we use in Year 1. Also look out for these words when reading together or see if they can spot them in other texts e.g. adverts, text on packaging etc.  


Please can you ensure you child keeps their spelling book in their book bag and brings it to school each day so that we can support practice and check words in school. Alongside this, children need to bring their reading records into school each day. Please use this record to note each time your child reads at home and write a reading related comment if necessary. Children will earn certificates for 50, 100 and 150 at home reads which are presented during celebration assemblies.


If you are finding that your child has any specific difficulty, or if you are unsure on how to support your child at home, please do not hesitate to come and discuss it with us.