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Art and Design

When the new curriculum was introduced there was a great emphasis on a ‘creative curriculum’ and the art and design curriculum really helped to encompass this.


Throughout Key Stages 1&2 the children will be learning to produce creative ideas and explore their own ideas and experiences. They will be able to evaluate creative work using artistic language, as well as learning about specific artists throughout history and their impact on the art and design industry.

By the end of KS1 the children will be able to paint, draw and sculpt using their own ideas to develop their creativity. They will also be encouraged to use a range of tools and materials to create their pieces, and use the ideas of artists to base their own piece upon.

In KS2 the children will be able to sketch and record their observations of art and review and evaluate their own and others work. They will learn to master the techniques learnt in KS1, such as drawing and painting, as well as moving onto focus more in depth on artists and architects throughout history, as well as modern day.