English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ

Art and Design



At English Martyrs we believe that Art and Design is a critical part of our curriculum. Art is an invaluable way for pupils to express their creativity, identity and history.  

Pupils will engage with an inspiring and challenging curriculum that will equip them with the skills to experiment, explore and create their own work. Across the year groups pupils will build on their drawing, painting and sculpting skills whilst learning to evaluate their own and others work. Pupils will begin to use sketch books to gather their ideas and observations and review and revisit them.

All pupils will learn about the work of great artists and designers and will be supported in understanding the historical and cultural developments of their art forms. Pupils will be exposed to artists and art work from a range of cultures and historical contexts and will be encouraged to express their own culture and history.

At English Martyrs, Art is also an integral way for pupils to express their understanding in other curriculum areas. In particular pupils will use Art and Design as a way to reflect and worship during RE topics and their developing skills will be used to create art work that is part of our schools Catholic celebrations.