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Welcome to Year 3!


Welcome to Year 3!                                                                        


Year 3 is the start to the children’s Key Stage 2 journey. We build upon the children’s learning in Key Stage 1 through an engaging, immersive curriculum that promotes practical enquiry and discussion alongside a range of written methods. We also use our fantastic outdoor area across the year. 


Mrs Dennehy will be your teacher Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays.

Mrs Gough will teach Alternate Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday,

Our lovely teaching assistant Mrs Bishop will be with us Monday to Thursday. 

Mrs Clearly will take the class for PE Tuesday and Friday mornings. 


We will start the term with a whole school celebrating me topic before moving on to 'Footprints in the Sand' which begins with an exciting trip to Chichester Harbour! Please see the topic map (below)  for more information on what we will be learning. Also don't forget to check Google Classroom regularly for photos, updates and homework. 



Reading continues to be an important part of learning and school life.  In Year 3 the children will read in school almost every day whilst staff use this opportunity to hear children read and to change books that have been read.  Please help us by signing when your child has read and commenting on how they have got on.  Your help with this is much appreciated. 



PE is taught on Tuesdays and Fridays. We ask that the children wear their PE kits into school on their PE days to minimise the need to bring extra bags into school.  As the weather turns cooler, the children are encouraged to wear warm clothing, such as navy tracksuit bottoms for their outdoors PE sessions. 



Homework for Year 3 includes reading, please continue regular reading with your child.  This includes your child reading to you and also you reading to your child so that they are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary. Your child will have be given a reading passport that they can work on throughout the term, this will have suggestions of different texts to explore.  Thank you in advance for your support.


Communicating with the team

To help us support your child, we ask that you keep the team informed about any worries or concerns that you or your child have.  By letting us know of any difficulties, we can ensure that your child comes to school happy and ready to learn.  Please feel free to email us using the class email:


The Year 3 staff team are looking forward to the year ahead and can't wait to get to know you all better throughout the year!



Mrs Dennehy, Mrs Gough and Mrs Bishop. 

Welcome to Year 3 Meeting PowerPoint

Footprints in the Sand Topic Map