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Welcome to Year 3!

The Year 3 Team


Mrs Benham - Class Teacher                     Mrs Fordham      

Assistant Headteacher                                       



         Ms Pugh                                                     Mrs Bishop

Welcome to Year 3!                                                                        


Year 3 is the start to the children’s Key Stage 2 learning journey, where we continue to build upon the children’s learning in Key Stage 1 through exciting learning opportunities. After several months away from school for most of the children, we are going to spend some time over the coming weeks recapping some of the learning from the end of Key Stage 1, with a particular focus on reading and phonics.  Please support us with this by supporting your child through regular reading.



Reading continues to be an important part of learning and school life.  In Year 3 the children read every morning when they first come into class.  Staff use this opportunity to hear children read and to change books that have been read.  Please help us by signing when your child has read and commenting on how they have got on.  Your help with this is much appreciated. 


As the children gain increasing confidence in their reading skills, they are encouraged to develop their comprehension skills.  We ask parents to support us in this through regular reading and asking the children questions about what they read.   Please explore word meanings; children will often read words, do not understand their meaning and will not ask.  Questioning and rereading sections is really helpful to cement a full understanding and enjoyment of books.The children are encouraged to change their home reading book as needed from the class library and will have regular opportunities to read to adults in school. 



We are starting the term with a recap of some of the phonics from year 2 to ensure these are embedded and the children confident in applying these to their writing.  In class each week we will learn spelling patterns and the spelling of new words.  The children will spend time throughout the week learning these.  Some children will also benefit from additional ongoing support in class to secure their phonic knowledge.



Following some time away from school, the children in Year 3 are going to spend some additional time focusing on the correct letter formation and joining of their handwriting.  At school we will ensure the children have the correct pencil grip, form their letters correctly and are working towards developing a fluent handwriting style.  



PE is taught on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with All Stars Soccer teaching the children on Wednesdays.  At this time we ask that the children wear their PE kits into school on their PE days to minimise the need to bring extra bags into school.  As the weather turns cooler, the children are encouraged to wear warm clothing, such as tracksuit bottoms for their outdoors PE sessions.  Cold children do not enjoy PE! 



Homework for Year 3 is reading.  Please continue regular reading with your child.  This includes your child reading to you and also you reading to your child so that they are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary.  Thank you in advance for your support.


Labelling belongings

Please, please, please can you name your child’s belongings.  School uniform, PE kit, shoes, coats, drinks bottles, snack pots etc, are much easier to return to the correct owner when named!  Thank you!


Communicating with the team

To help us support your child, we ask that you keep the team informed about any worries or concerns that you or your child have.  By letting us know of any difficulties, we can ensure that your child comes to school happy and ready to learn.  Please feel free to email me, where I can respond to individual concerns as necessary using the class email:


The Year 3 staff team are looking forward to the year ahead and to getting to know your child more over the course of this academic year.



Mrs Benham, Mrs Fordham, Ms Pugh and Mrs Bishop