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Welcome to Year 1!

The Year 1 team

Miss Swain     

         Miss Swain                       Mrs Magwidi                      Miss O'Malley                                                   Class teacher (Mon - Wed.)       Class teacher (Wed - Fri.)                 Teaching Assistant                 


Welcome to Year 1! We are looking forward to an exciting year that will build upon your child’s wonderful experiences and achievements in Early Years as well as their time at home with you. We understand this year is a little different and aim to make the transition a smooth, happy one. The children will continue to access a rich environment that stimulates their curiosity and learning whilst keeping them safe and happy. As the first term progresses they will begin to work in a more structured setting, with inspiring, relevant topics that engage and motivate them. After such a different end to their time in Early Years we are going to continue to use Tapestry as a way to record and communicate as we start Year 1. Being mindful that updates may be less frequent as we use it alongside introducing recording in books. Communication between home and school is key, please use tapestry, e-mail us or contact the office if you have any queries and we look forward to working closely with you to ensure your children have a successful year.


Teaching structure / PPA Cover

Miss Swain teaches at the beginning of the week; Monday to Wednesday morning and then Mrs Magwidi completes the week; Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. We work extremely closely, and communicate almost daily about the class. We have handover time together every Wednesday morning and we will work closely to plan for the needs of your children. Miss O'Malley will be with us everyday throughout the week.

In Year 1 we are lucky to have Mrs Fordham covering our PPA time on Wednesdays, alongside AllStar Sport and Miss Cleary who will take the class for PE.  She also liaises closely with our team about the children’s needs and learning to ensure continuity.


Wonderful World of Me

In Year 1, each child will have their own special ‘show and tell’ day on a Friday called ‘Wonderful World of Me’. They will be asked to bring in some special items to talk about. These could be photographs of family members and special events, meaningful toys, sporting achievements or items that reflect their hobbies or interests. It is up to you and your child how you present this. Your child will have the opportunity to talk to the class about the things they bring in. They will then be displayed in the classroom for the day. We encourage children not to bring in things from home until it is their ‘Wonderful World of Me’ day. However, if they would like to share something specific to our topic then they may bring this in on a Thursday for our topic session. We will be sending out your child’s allocated slot in the first week of school.




Reading continues to be a crucial part of your child’s learning and it is important that they read daily, or as regularly as possible, to help build their confidence and fluency. It is also important to share stories with your child and ask them questions about what they have listened to. There are reading certificates to earn for the number of times your child has read so don’t forget to record when they have read in their reading record. Your child will read regularly with an adult in school and their books will be changed during these times. Please ensure your child’s book bag and reading record is in school every day.




In June, children in Year 1 are required to take the Phonics Screening check. This consists of 40 words that are either real or fake ‘alien’ words. The children cover all the required sounds in their phonics time using the 'Song of Sounds' programme and practice reading unusual words in a variety of contexts. You can support your child by playing some online games. Phonics play has some free games such as Buried Treasure and Picnic on Pluto. (Phase 3 and phase 5)

Please come and see us if you would like any more guidance or have any questions.


Physical Development

In Year 1 the development of both your child’s fine and gross motor skills are crucial to all areas of their learning. We participate in games, gymnastics, athletics and dance and we provide a range of fine motor activities within the classroom and during our weekly handwriting sessions. It is essential that your child wears their PE kit for the lessons so that they can be fully involved. Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday.



After we have settled into Year 1, your child will have weekly words to read and spell.

And please read, read, read... for pleasure, fun and learning. 


A final reminder - please name all belongings! As a team we try our best to support your child in looking after their belongings, however if they are not named it can make the task very challenging. Please also remember in Year 1 we have the outdoor area open in most weathers so please make sure your child has the appropriate footwear and clothing.


We are delighted to be part of your child’s continuing school journey and look forward to an exciting, successful year.


The Year One Team.