English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

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School Trips - Autumn 2021


We are very excited to be able to take our children out and about again so that we can extend and consolidate their learning.  We believe that this is an important opportunity to contextualise learning and also learn more about our local communities and our role within them.  Trips that are planned for the Autumn term are:


Year 3 & 4 - Trip to Chichester Harbour as part of the 'Footprints in the Sands' topic

Year 6 - Residential to experience outdoor, adventurous and team building activities

Early Years - Trip to St. Michael's church

Year 1 - Going to our local letter box to post invitations to our Teddy Bear's picnic

Year 5 &  6 - Going swimming at Littlehampton (ongoing throughout the term)