English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ




At English Martyrs, we believe that teaching and learning in science should ignite excitement, inspire young minds and allow our children to be curious about God’s world, in which they live.


Science is a subject that promotes collaboration with each other and the wider community. Working together not only helps our children to share their ideas and deepen their understanding, but also, they develop the scientific skills that shape so much of life, in the 21st Century. Through science, our pupils learn to:


  • ask questions
  • make predictions
  • plan and design
  • research and investigate
  • problem-solve
  • debate and analyse
  • reflect upon their discoveries  


Wherever possible, science lessons are practical and they encourage our children to take a pro-active approach to their learning, thus helping them to take risks (make mistakes, even) and develop their confidence, resilience and independence. Science is very much a subject where children can learn to believe in themselves and their peers.  


At English Martyrs, we are lucky to have a large outdoor learning area that engages exploration, alongside, a love and respect for God’s creations. Experiencing science in this way makes it relatable, and so our pupils are able to discover the impact this subject has on their lives now, and consider what science might look like in the future. 


Through sequential planning, we provide all of our children with challenge and opportunities to make progress at each stage of their science education. By the time they leave us at English Martyrs, our children are confident, inquisitive thinkers, with a deep enjoyment for this core subject.