English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)



At English Martyrs, we have chosen French as the Modern Foreign Language (MFL) that is studied in our school.  We believe that a quality MFL curriculum should foster children’s curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world, thereby providing an opening to other cultures and equipping them to be part of a rich and diverse society.  Through providing enriching and engaging opportunities, they will be enabled to express their ideas and thoughts in another language, understand and respond to speakers, both in speech and writing and ultimately be inspired to learn new ways of thinking.


Our high quality curriculum will secure the foundation for future language learning, building on their natural curiosity to explore other countries, cultures and languages.  Equipping them, not only with the skills and confidence to continue their language journey in Secondary school, but inspiring their life long journey and enabling them to study and work in other countries.  



Language learning in our school, stimulates children’s creativity and engages them in a wide range of speaking, listening and interactive activities. This includes singing, reciting rhymes, poems, role play, games, taking turns and making things. This is taught during a weekly session and is underpinned by the units of work from Twinkl’s PlanIt French, which ensures children acquire basic skills and understanding of French with a strong emphasis placed on developing their Speaking and Listening skills within Lower KS2. These are then embedded and further developed in Upper KS2, alongside Reading and Writing, gradually progressing onto more complex language concepts and greater learner autonomy.


At English Martyrs, we believe that planning and delivering an enriched French curriculum is rooted in the need for engaging experiences which bring the school together to share and celebrate in the rich culture of another country. This also provides our children with the opportunity to practice and use their newly acquired French language skills in relevant contexts.  Therefore we seek to bring the community together to share their French knowledge and skills and collaborate in experience days.


We value the importance of the learning environment, therefore in each KS2 class French vocabulary for that term is prominently displayed and children are encouraged to use this to support and embed their learning, alongside a range of dual texts and other French resources.