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Welcome to Early Years!

The Early Years Team

Miss Sacco (Class teacher)  Mrs DeLuca-Smith  

                   Miss Sacco                               Mrs DeLuca-Smith                           Miss Gladman

                  Class teacher                            Teaching assistant/PPA cover                        


Welcome to Early Years! We are really excited to be part of your child's first experience of school and aim to give them the best possible start to their educational journey. We plan exciting themes linked to their interests to engage children in their learning and we observe them in their Child­ initiated play, focusing on what they can do and how we can support them to move forward in their learning. We believe that communication between school and home is key to helping us get to know your children as quickly as possible. We look forward to working with you.


Transition into School

A positive transition into school life for your child is really important. We want your child to form strong and supportive relationships quickly. This is why I visit your child at nursery and they have two settle and play sessions in the summer term before they start school. When they start school we stagger the transition over 2 weeks. We then split the children into two small groups and slowly build up their time spent at school. Once the children start school you are asked to bring your child to the Early Years outside classroom door for the first half term. You are welcome to come into the classroom to settle them if needed. Once your child is confident and independent with the morning routine please encourage them to enter the classroom themselves. If your child appears unsettled please communicate with the Early Years team and we will keep a close eye on your child and give them any extra reassurance they need. For the first half term you will be greeted at the end of the day with a message from me and you will collect your child from the classroom. When ready we transition the children into lining up on the playtime with the other children which they often get very excited about.


Tapestry – Online Learning Journal

In Early Years we use an online learning journal called Tapestry. The Early Years team add observations, photos and videos of your child’s learning for you to see. These observations show the learning journey and progress of your child. It is also an effective tool for communicating regularly with you about your child’s learning. You can regularly keep up to date on your child’s leaning and even write your own comments or add your own observations. Once your child has settled we arrange a meeting where Phonics and Tapestry are explained to you, at this meeting you then receive your own personal log in to access your child’s online learning journal.


Physical Education

As part of our curriculum we participate in Physical Education, from basic motor skills to dance. A big skill in Early Years in preparing for PE is getting changed and looking after our school clothes. You can imagine 26 young children all getting changed at once can be a challenge. Please work on the skills of taking their school clothes off, looking after them and getting into their PE kits. This is also a critical part of their own development and learning. This term PE will be on a Monday and a Thursday.


PPA Cover

In Early Years we have an experienced Early Years Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Mrs DeLuca-Smith, who covers my half day of PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time. For the Autumn term Mrs DeLuca-Smith will be teaching in the classroom on Wednesday afternoons. Mrs DeLuca-Smith and I communicate regularly about the children’s needs and learning. She loves teaching in Early Years! To support the children Ms Gladman will be joining the class on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 


Snack Time

In Early Years we gather together to enjoy our morning snack. We take this time to sing, chat to our friends and share any exciting learning that has occurred. It is important your child has a healthy snack to enjoy. We do also have free seasonal school snack that changes daily. If you have also signed up to have milk your child will receive this in our morning snack time.



As a gift from the Parents of English Martyrs you should have received your own school book bag. In this book bag all your child will need is their snack, water bottle and school books. Once your child has settled at school they will begin to bring home coloured books to share and enjoy with you. There are reading certificates to earn for the number of times your child has read so don’t forget to use the tick sheet to mark this off and let me know when you reach a certificate. We encourage reading to be a fun and enjoyable experience and recommend reading with your child preferably daily, or as frequently as you possibly can. If you are unsure on how best to read with your child then watch the handy videos in the phonic section or ask the Early Years team for some support. Your child’s books will be changed weekly.


Show and Tell

Always a highlight for our Early Years is the weekly Show and Tell sessions. This can involve bringing something exciting from home to talk about or just sharing some weekend news. This session helps build children’s confidence and language skills. Any items brought in from home are only used for Show and Tell sessions and not out all day. Show and Tell happens every Monday starting from Monday 16thSeptember 2019.


A final reminder please name all belongings! As a team we try our best to support your child in looking after their belongings, however if they are not named it can make the task very challenging. Please also remember in Early Years we have the outdoor area open in all weathers so please make sure your child has the appropriate footwear and clothing. We provide a wellie rack for our class to use and leave their wellies on all year round. Most the children cannot resist the urge to explore the rain (or snow, if we are lucky enough to have it again).


What an exciting time for you all, as your child’s new learning adventure begins! We are delighted to be part of this journey with you.


Miss Sacco