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Meet Our Sports Team

PE Coordinator- Mrs Benham

Sports Coach- Mrs Cleary


Meet Our Sports Ambassadors




"My name is George I am a sports leader 2020-2021, I love a lot of sports and activities including Gymnastics, Football, Swimming, riding my bike and walking my dogs. I am a goalkeeper in football and I play for Worthing United Strikers

I know it’s quite hard at the moment with social distancing making some sports difficult,

but we can help as much as possible with clubs, sports days and sometimes PE. What I want to achieve this year is to be a better sportsman and encourage other year groups to try new sports. We are very lucky to have Mrs Cleary as our sports teacher because she is the best one we’ve ever had."


"My name is Sabina and I am honoured to be a Sports Ambassador and help with physical education at English Martyrs. I find that sport is very important because it helps you stay fit,

improves your mood and how your body feels. My favourite sports are running, swimming, skiing and netball. Exercise is very important to me. I am committed to promoting sport at our school."





"Hi I'm Katie and I am so honored to be a Sports Ambassador for our school. My favourite sports are Football, Benchball, Netball, Dancing and so many more. PE is really important to me because exercise it is really important for your health. As a sports ambassador my role is to keep the sports equipment clean and tidy, being respectful and following the high fives. I know this year has changed but we will definitely try and make it a happy and safe environment for EM." 








"Hi, I'm Aidan and I am so happy with what I've achieved at EM. Being a Sports Ambassador is a big responsibility because you have to do sports, be a good team player and most of all be kind! I like helping the younger year groups and setting a good example. I enjoy Football, Tennis, Cricket and much more."