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Meet Our Sports Team

PE Coordinator- Miss Swain

Sports Coach- Mrs Cleary


Meet Our Sports Ambassadors









"My name is Kaitlin and I am a Year 6 sports leader. My favorite sport is Football and I play for Brighton and Hove Albion. I also enjoy playing Benchball, Dodgeball and Basketball. This year I'm looking forward to teaching and playing sport with the younger year groups."



"My name is Leeroy and I am honoured to be a Sports Ambassador and help with physical education at English Martyrs. I find that sport is very important because it helps you stay fit,

improves your mood and how your body feels. My favourite sports are running, swimming, skiing and netball. Exercise is very important to me. I am committed to promoting sport at our school."





"Hi I'm Shanti and I have been chosen to be a Sports Leader. I love playing sports because its a good way to use your energy, make new friends and have fun. My favorite sport is Netball and I play for a local club and weekends."










"Hi, I'm Rohan and I am a Sports Leader. I love playing sports whether its playing on the playground or on the field to netball in PE. My favorite sports are Football, Basketball, Benchball and Dodgeball. I am looking forward to teaching everyone lots of fun playground games!"






We are proud to introduce our new Key Stage 1 'Little Leaders'. They have been chosen to help with making sure that sport has a high profile in our school and is enjoyed by all. We know they’re going to do a brilliant job.