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Meet Our Sports Team

PE Coordinator- Mrs Benham

Sports Coach- Mrs Cleary


Meet Our Sports Ambassadors
 "I enjoy doing sports and teaching younger children. I especially enjoy Netball and Benchball. PE stands for Physical Education and that is a very important thing, everyone should do it. It doesn't matter what age you are because there is a sport for every age group. We have lots of responsibilities such as tidying the PE shed, setting up equipment for clubs and big sports events and making sure everyone is happy. I love my job!"


"I am so lucky to be a Sports Ambassador in this school. Being an ambassador is a privilege to me because I get to help the younger children play a range of different sports. I like to play sports and I like to help other children. My favourite sports are football, basketball, tag rugby and many more. Helping younger kids play sports in and out of school is a great job to have. Its good to be a Sports Ambassador. We have lots of roles and responsibilities, we clean the PE shed and pump up the balls on a Thursday, we also make sure everyone is happy because everyone has to have fun. That's why we were introduced to the help the younger children. That's why I applied to be a Sports Ambassador. If you become a Sports Ambassador you have to commit to succeed!" 


"My favourite sport is Gymnastics but I do like Netball, Cheerleading and Bench ball too. To be a Sports Ambassador you have to help others learn sports and make sure they are having fun doing so. I like to make sure we do different sports so its more fun. We have to commit to tidying the PE shed, setting up equipment for clubs and big sporting events. We make sure everyone is happy and applying the rules correctly. Physical Education is really important because you need to get fit and sports makes everything better because its active and fun. We are friendly so if there is ever a problem don't be scared to ask us for help because we are always around and happy to help."


"My favourite sports are Tennis, Football and Handball. I love helping younger children learn all kinds of sports and watching them have fun makes more people join in. Even when doing my not so favourite sports I will still give my full commitment. Some of the things we do are pump up the balls, set out equipment and most importantly have fun!"


"My favourite sports are running, netball, dodgeball and bench ball. I love to help the little ones in sport by getting out lots of sports equipment for them to play with. To be a Sports Ambassador you have to tidy up the PE shed when its really messy and make sure all the balls are fully pumped. The most important thing is sport is to have fun!"