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School Clubs

School Clubs for Autumn 2021


Gymnastics TrainingY5-Y6 Mrs Cleary - Invite only8:00-8:50
Guitar LessonsY1-Y6 By Arrangement
FootballY3-Y6Mrs Cleary3:15-4:15
Street DanceY1-Y6Email charlottereader@btinternet.com3:15-4:15
FutsalY3-Y6Mrs Cleary8:00-8:50
Tournament Training Mrs Cleary - invite only12.30-12.50
Allstar FootballKS1/KS2Email allstarsoccerwsx@gmail.com3:15-4:15
KarateEY-Y6Contact via www.samawestsussex.com3:15-4:15
GymnasticsEY-Y2Mrs Cleary3:15-4:15
BenchballY3-Y6Mrs Cleary3:15-4:15


Pick up for football clubs will be from the school gate.  For indoor clubs, pick up will from the school office.

For further information please see below for more details on individual clubs.


Gymnastics Training

This club is invite only to those children training for the Gymnastics Competition. Children would have been selected for this competition after competing in trials with Mrs Cleary in their PE lessons. The children with the highest score would have been selected.




A great opportunity to become a part of the EM football team,

representing the school in the Football League, cup and many

more tournaments. Football is an inclusive game that anyone,

of any age, can easily learn and enjoy. Our football club is on

offer to years 3-6, boys and girls welcome. This club is run by

Mrs Cleary.


Street Dance (External Club)

Classes are fun and friendly and children work towards performances at the end of term and occasionally at other venues throughout the year. Children have the opportunity to learn new skills and build confidence whilst making new friends. For more information please email or visit .





Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small sided football game that is widely played across the world. The nature of the game places a large emphasis on technical skill and ability in situations of high pressure, and is subsequently an excellent breeding ground for football competencies. Futsal is a five-a-side game, normally played on a flat indoor pitch with hockey sized goals and a size 4 ball with a reduced bounce. This club will be run by Mrs Cleary.


All Star Soccer (External Club)

We are All Star Soccer WSX and we are a football academy that has set

up in the local area. It was formed by Jamie Howell and Adam

Hinshelwood who simply believe that there should be more players from

our local area playing at a higher standard of football either in the

professional game or at a higher level in non league. They are looking at

developing players whose current managers, coaches, or parents who

feel their children have the ability and dedication to play and develop at

a higher level and would benefit from specialist coaching. Jamie Howell

(retired professional footballer) will be running after school football on

Tuesdays for EY to Year 6. There will be a charge for this

club. For more information please email Jamie 



Sama Karate (External Club)

Our fun exercise program is no secret, it’s based on many years of learning how to communicate with children of all ages and levels. Within the SAMA system, children enjoy what would be boring and tedious exercise. Our system gives them the full benefit of an all-round healthy exercise program building a healthy body for the future, giving them strong bones, muscles and fitness. For more information on how to book this club please visit




Providing children with the chance to learn new gymnastics

skills while having fun. Teaching the fundamentals of gymnastics, including skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels. We all know that children are very energetic and want to flip and somersault, so we teach them skills that they can use to progress onto more challenging moves. Within these sessions all children will work through the British Gymnastics Award Scheme and we aim to encourage all members, whatever their level of ability and experience, to fulfil their potential in an enjoyable but disciplined way. This club is run by our British Gymnastics trained and qualified coach Mrs Cleary.



Gymco (External Club)

Gymco introduces children to the exciting sport of gymnastics.

Sessions are structured, fun and safely run by qualified British

Gymnastics coaches. Programmes are carefully planned each

week to offer variety and give stimulus to the child’s physical

and social development. Activities include warm up, hand

apparatus, fun gym stations, incorporating basic gymnastics

and body management skills and co-ordination. To end there

is a cool down section and gymnasts are awarded with stickers

for achievement. For more information on how to book this club

please email or visit 



A team sport used for developing balls skills as a preparation for learning netball and basketball. A great opportunity to become part of a team and the chance represent the school in local competitions. This club is run by Mrs Cleary and is available to children in Years 3-6.