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Sewing Club

Sewing Club Summer 2023

During the Summer Term 15 children have been challenged to complete a sewing project which involves producing 9 pieces of work which will be put together in a frame for each child to take home by the end of the term.  Pictures to follow.

Sewing Club Spring 2023


For the Spring Term Sewing Club will focus on embroidery.  Each week the children will learn a new stitch eg cross stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, Double Cross (star) stitch, which they will use to create a small sample on binca.  This will be mounted to make a set of coasters. 

During the Autumn, Sewing Club focused on learning to sewing on buttons and doing parabolic curves.  These skills were used to make a number of cards, a poppy badge and a calendar Christmas present for parents.