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Community and themed learning

Community Council - March 2022


Our newly formed 'Community Council' have taken on their first project to strengthen our school community and also to support others in the community around us.  Inspired by 'The Day the Crayons Quit' our project is around recycling crayons.  Did you know that wax crayons don't EVER biodegrade?  All those that end up in landfill will stay there.  So we are starting a project to collect stubs of crayons or broken ones, to melt them down, form them into new shapes and give them a new lease of life.  We hope to sell them to raise money for our school, and to donate them to Worthing Hospital and pre-schools.  


Watch this space to see how we get on!

World Book Day 2022


We really want our school to be loving our learning as a community, so this year we decided to all join together and look at the same book together.  We chose the fantastic 'The Day the Crayons Quit' because of all the opportunities for us to link together and inspire learning in English, Art and RSHE.  We had a great time on the day itself, and are so proud of the wonderful work that the children have produced.   

World Book Day Colouring Competition poster

Role Model Week


In October 2021, we made the most of being able to join together as a school community again as we explored 'Role Model Week'.  This was a chance for the children to reflect on their aims and aspirations and also to think about who inspires them to be their best and aim high.  We ended the week with teacher-led workshops where the children joined together from different year groups to experience something that had inspired the teachers and to find out more about who their role models were.  Mrs Jenkin led an animating workshop (inspired by the work of female animators), Miss Stillwell's group explored theatre, Miss Daniels led a 'Matilda' singing workshop in the hall, Mrs Magwidi's group explored inclusive sports, Miss O'Sullivan gave her group a chance to find out about the lives of positive role models as part of Black History Month and Mrs Webb's group found out more about the life and discoveries of Mary Anning.