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Primary School

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Living our faith: Live Simply


We have decided as a school to pursue the CAFOD Live Simply award.  This is an opportunity for us to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si' to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us.”


To earn this award, we need to show as a school we are living:


Simply - how we encourage our families to consume less in our daily lives and to be more appreciative of what we have.  Taking the time to be more reflective, prayerful and considerate to others.

In solidarity with the poor - being aware that other people might be experiencing difficulties, vulnerabilities, injustice or exclusion and working to alleviate this where possible.

Sustainably with creation -  learning ways that can help to rebalance our relationship with the environment, remembering that we are the stewards of creation and that the resources of our planet are finite and to be respected and treasured.  


We already do much as a school to fulfil these objectives, but for the years 2023/24 we have planned some special events which are intended to have a positive impact upon our global, local and school communities.  The full action plan is below, but key actions include:


  • Creating 'Live Simply' photo displays to reflect on the simple things in life, to find the joy in these and to see the hand of God in them.  Create LiveSimply pledges and, with support from their families, the children to follow these over the summer.  
  • Whole school focus on recycling and identifying ways that we can protect our environment.  Recycle old whiteboard pens and biros, make and sell recycled crayons to raise money for Cafod and lead beach cleans where members of our parishes and our local community will be invited to join us.
  • Engaging with World Food Day, recognising that water is a harvest.  Getting involved with the 'Justice Begins Here' campaign to raise awareness that clean water is not a privilege but a basic human right.  Making a practical difference globally by raising money (with our parish communities) to purchase a Community Water Supply from the CAFOD World Gifts catalogue.  


A snapshot of how we are getting on!