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Welcome to Year 5!

The Year 5 Team 




Miss Stillwell













Miss Stillwell                                                                                        Ms Murrell (Photo coming soon) 



A warm welcome to Year 5’s class page!


I am really looking forward to welcoming your children back to school and getting to know them throughout the year. Ms Murrell and I will be working together to both plan and deliver a highly motivating and engaging curriculum, so that everyone can embrace a passion for learning.

We have an action-packed year ahead of us and we aim to bring your child’s interests into the classroom wherever possible, in order to build confidence, set challenges and make progress. We understand that the thought of returning to school and moving up to Year 5 may seem a little daunting, but please know, Ms Murrell and I are always available to help your child and to give them the right support.

Communication between school and home is also an important factor in a child’s education and we are happy to speak with you about any worries or concerns you may have. You can contact me via email at the following address: If you would prefer a face to face meeting, please contact the school office and they will be happy to arrange this for you.


Physical Education

This term, Year 5 will have PE on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Mrs Cleary and I will be teaching netball and football, which will help the children to further progress their invasion game skills. Children should come into school wearing their PE kit on the days they have a PE lesson. As it will soon be getting colder, and your child will be wearing their PE kit all day, please make sure they have warm, suitable clothing (we recommend a pair of jogging bottoms and a jumper). 



We will continue to set homework tasks each week via Google Classroom, but please let us know if you experience any issues with this. In addition, we ask for children to read for about 30 minutes each evening and record this in their reading records. This is a great way for you to join them in their learning, and reading stories as a family can be a lovely way to relax.


PPA Cover

Dr Townsley will be teaching in the classroom on Thursday afternoons to cover my half day of PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time. We will be regularly communicating about the children’s needs and learning, and she is really looking forward to working with the class.


Water bottles and lunch boxes

Please make sure your child’s lunch box is named clearly and any cutlery they may need is provided. All children must have a named water bottle in class and this must only contain water; no juice or squash, please.

In Year 5, we encourage developing more independence and therefore see it as the children’s responsibility to take home their lunch boxes and water bottles, daily, to be cleaned and refilled with fresh water. 

A final reminder - please name all belongings! As a team we try our best to support your child in looking after their belongings, however, if they are not named it can make the task very challenging.



We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon and can’t wait for the exciting year ahead.


Miss Stillwell and Ms Murrell 


'Welcome Meeting' powerpoint, September 2021