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Sports Calendar



Please see below for upcoming events for the Summer Term 2022:


May 2022
4thYear 2 Rescheduled Football Tournament
9thYear 2 Cricket Festival                                 
19thY5/6 Quad Kids Competition
24thY3/4 Quad Kids Competition
Half Term!
June 2022
7thAthlete Visit 
8thKnights of St Columba Tournament
14thYear 2 Legacy Games
20thNational Sports Week- Intra School Commonwealth Games Competition
22ndKS2 Legacy Games
30thY1/2 Quad Kids Competition
July 2022
5thYear 5 Deanery Sports Day

Sports Day



14thReserve Sports Day




Please see below for upcoming events for the Spring Term 2022:


January 2022
19th Y3/4 Girls Football
26thY3/4 Boys Football
27thY6 Small Schools Football
31stKS1 Intra Indoor Athletics Competition
February 2022
4thKS1 Inter Indoor Athletics Competition
8thY4 Netball Festival
10th Y3/4 Netball Shootout
15th Y5 Netball Festival 
16thY5 Football Tournament
Half Term!
March 2022
1stY6 Netball Tournament 
7thY6 Rescheduled Netball Tournament
10thY1/2 Ball Skills Festival
15thY5 Netball Tournament
16thY5/6 Indoor Athletics Shield Competition
17thKS1 Intra Winter Olympics Competition
22ndY1/2 Multi Skills Festival
31stTime to Dance Performance
April 2022
4thKS2 Penalty Shootout
6th Y1/2 Football Competition
Easter Holidays!