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Welcome to Year 2!

The Year 2 team



Miss Daniels                                                                   

Class teacher                                                                        


Welcome to Year 2!

This year will be a very exciting year, with lots of new opportunities for learning. In Year 2 we are able to progress from where we left off in Year 1, and build on the foundations we created. Our first term will focus on embedding our writing structures and promote a love of reading, which we can adapt for many audiences and reasons.


PPA Cover

In Year 2 we are lucky enough to be continuing with the support of Mrs Fordham on a Wednesday afternoon.


Mrs Fordham will be covering science objectives throughout the year, and she is in contact regularly to find out what we have been up to!


The rest of the afternoon will be spent with Premier Sport who will be doing some great team building and skills activities throughout the year. 


Show and Tell

Now we have moved to Year 2 ‘Show and Tell’ will no longer be a weekly event.

However, on the last Friday of each month 4 children will be picked to bring in something special to them which they can show and present to the class at the end of the day.

If there is something specific that the children would like to share that relates to our topic they are welcome to do so, but other than this children are encouraged to wait until their turn to bring in their ‘Show and Tell’ items.



As throughout any year group in the school, reading is going to be of significant importance throughout year two. Over the last two years the children have been working hard on gaining the foundations for their reading during their phonics sessions, and now we will be looking more into the comprehension of what the children are reading. Understanding the context of both fiction and nonfiction texts and being to explain clearly what is being read.

Children will be taking part in guided reading sessions during the school day every day, but it is also vital that the children are given opportunities to read at home on a regular basis. The children must have their reading records and reading books in school every day, and we would appreciate your co-operation in writing a small comment on how the children have read at home throughout the week.

The children will also be sent home with spellings on a Monday, which we then use during our spelling/phonics time throughout the week. 



This year the children will focus more on their spelling, punctuation and grammar in Phonics time. They will learn how to structure their sentences correctly and use their previous phonetic knowledge to become more fluent with their spellings.

Should your child have not passed the phonics screening during their time in year one last year they will be reassessed in this during June 2020. We will continue to support their phonics progression through in depth intervention which will be done on a whole class basis, as well as small group support. Flash card sounds will be used regularly in class, and the children will be supported throughout lessons in order to embed their phonetic knowledge.



PE is a vital part of the school curriculum, teaching the children how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as keeping their bodies and minds active.

Throughout Year 2 we will be progressing the children’s skills from last year and beginning to adapt these into game scenarios to build team co operation and stamina.

As PE is such a major part of the curriculum it is important that, unless otherwise stated, children take part in every PE lesson we teach. PE will be taught on a Monday and Wednesday, but this may differ if we have outside agencies in for coaching, so please ensure your children have their full kits in school, this includes trainers and tracksuits, as well as shorts and t-shirt for inside sessions.



Homework in Year two will be set to work alongside and embed what we have been doing in class.

On a Monday your children will be set a reading/spelling task to complete, which is for them to practice their spellings at home, these do not need to come back into school. Spelling books need to be in on a Monday to have new spellings set for the next week. 

Every other Friday your children will be set a maths challenge to complete, which they have two weeks to complete.

Each piece of work will clearly explain what is expected and state the return date.


On a final note, I would like to remind you to please name all items that belong to your child and are coming into school – PE kits, Jumpers, drink bottles, lunch boxes, etc.


I look forward to continuing our learning journey together, and I am very excited for what the new school year has to offer for us in Year 2!


Miss Daniels & The Year 2 Team