English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ

Day 2 of the Year 5 Residential

Day 2 started with a hearty breakfast and a walk to the castle.  We were lucky again with the weather as although we set out in the rain, it dried up quickly and we even got to picnic in the sun during our visit to the castle.  We had a good look around the chapel, the gardens and the keep, with all the children managing the 132 steps to the top.  Then, after lunch in the gardens, we went to the Museum and the children handled real artefacts and learnt about the town at different points in history.  We then returned to the castle to have a last look around and to visit the gift shop - there was no way that the children were going to let us skip that part out!  We had a lovely walk in the sun back to the accommodation, had our tea and ended the evening with a quiz.  The children have had a lot of exercise, so should sleep well tonight ... as should the teachers! 


It has been a super day - the children have been great company and I was so proud to be told what a delightful group of children they were at both the castle and the museum.