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Primary School

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Day 3 of Year 6 Residential

All the children slept really well last night (as did the teachers), and had a good start to the day with cereal, toast and pain au chocolat for breakfast.  The groups then went off to climb rocks, squeeze through tunnels and squelch through mud.  These activities really put the children into their challenge zone (and trying to squeeze between a crack in the rocks put Mrs Townsley well and truly into the 'stuck zone'), but they all encouraged each other and achieved far more than they thought they could.  What really stood out was just how much more the children are now encouraging each other and working as teams in the few short days we've been here.


We've also been learning about the wildlife of our surroundings, and eagle-eyed Rossi spotted a grass snake as we were out and about.  Not to be outdone, Logan then found a beautiful green hawk moth caterpillar.


After a hearty lunch of macaroni cheese and an eagerly-awaited visit to the tuck shop, we then started afternoon activities.  The groups were working on their team working skills, and also took part in an orienteering competition.  


Next on the to do list is swimming, dinner, camp fire (with smores) and ... bed!


Update:  We've been for a treasure hunt after dinner and had some time sitting round a campfire, telling jokes, singing songs and toasting marshmallows.  The children have been great company and we feel very lucky to be spending a week here with them.