English Martyrs Catholic

Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ

Day 4 of the residential

It's been a damp and soggy day, but the children have stayed in high spirits.  Once again, the children slept really well ... although it's noticeable that they are waking up later each morning and looking bleary for longer!  The morning started with skiing for one group and their confidence continued to grow.  The session finished with some sledging races and a lot of excited screaming!  The other group were rock climbing - all managed to scale the rocks and worked together collaboratively.


In the afternoon Mrs Webb's group smashed the Bowles record in a team building activity by being able to pass a hoop around the whole group in 18 seconds ... a whole 2 seconds off the best time ever.  Not that the staff are getting competitive or anything!  Both groups also enjoyed their pool kayaking session.


After another roast dinner (with the children eating record amounts of roast potatoes), we then did some team challenges in the woods.  Squelching through the woods was a major achievement - Miss O'Malley gave us a great display of her newly acquired skiing skills as she slid down the muddy hill and narrowly avoided landing in a heap at the bottom.  Logan wasn't quite so lucky, thank goodness for waterproofs.  Mud skating is a new English Martyrs sport!  The evening ended with hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits ... and a start to the dreaded packing.


We're looking forward to our final day - more skiing and low ropes, once we've mastered the task of getting everything packed.  Make sure you've got extra washing powder before we arrive back - your washing machines will be having a busy weekend of it!


There are plenty more photos of today to be added, but the Wifi is proving the final challenge of the day for the staff!