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Primary School

A Learning Community in Christ

Day 5 of the residential

The final day of the residential began with the most wonderful sunrise.  The children's gasps of how beautiful it was were soon drowned out by the gasps of horror from the staff at the children's attempts at packing!  Thank goodness Miss O'Malley had woken them up earlier!


We finally made it down to breakfast (after reuniting lots of stray socks, towels and gloves with their owners) and then went onto our final activities.  For one group it was the Zip Wire and low ropes, for the other group it was their final skiing session.  The Zip Wire group did incredibly well, they all pulled together to make sure that the lines were kept safe, ropes were held securely and those with nerves were encouraged.  In fact, the whole group finished the activity about ten minutes early, with is great testament to their team working skills.  They powered through the low ropes activity too, and had a great time.


The skiing group worked really hard to improve their technique of snow plough turns.  It wasn't easy, particularly as final day tiredness had started to kick in, but they kept on going and were then rewarded with a fabulous fast sledging session to finish with.


And then it was time for lunch and back to school again.  The children have been an absolute credit to the school and their parents.  I've been on many residentials in my career, but Year 6, I can truly say that you absolutely stand out as being an amazing group.  You have been such fun to spend time with and your energy and enthusiasm has been infectious.  Thank you for a wonderful week.