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Year 2 Have a vist from the RNLI

On Tuesday 15th October year 2 had a very special visit from one of our local coastguards working with the RNLI. They came from the life boat station in Shoreham and taught us lots of things about water safety and how we should behave near the water. 

We got the opportunity to learn about the different flags we may see near the water, such as a yellow and red flag would mean safe to swim, black and white would be surfing or other unmotorised boats, and red means DANGER! Do not go in the water!

We then watched some videos of real life rescues which the RNLI have taken part in, and learnt about the different types of boats they use depending on the weather, and depending on where they were going, they wouldn't use the same boat for the sea, and the River Thames for example. Did you know that all their boats are self righting? So if they were to capsize they would be able to get themselves the right way up again. 

After sailing Oliver and Jessie out to sea (or at least pretending to) we learnt about what to do if we find ourselves in a dangerous situation. The RNLI have a new initiative at the moment, and this is to teach children and adults the importance of being able to float. More information about this can be found on their website. 


The RNLI is run by volunteers who, most of the time, also have other jobs, so we really appreciate them coming in to see us and teaching us such valuable lessons about water safety. 


Shoreham lifeboat centre is a great place to visit - and if you are up early enough on a Sunday morning, you might even catch a practice drill!!


Thank you again to the RNLI, what a fantastic morning we had!